The Things I Dream of

I was in kind of a zoo/park, where I had to keep track of Crissy, and there was a guy with a flamethrower walking through and Crissy started to walk towards him but I stopped her. I then appeared in a house where Tio George and some of his friends and other relatives were in a kitchen somewhere, and I went to get some hot chocolate, relatively unnoticed. One did say good thing we were all Christian, and I didn’t say anything because I’m atheist. There were a bunch but I wanted to use my favorite poison mug so I went over to the sink and tried to poor one into my poison mug, but I couldn’t do it. I then got angry and hit a cabinet with an axe. The world went white and I ended up outside in a forest with Tio George and it was snowing. I know you don’t want me to do this, he said as he held up a box of some significance to me and threw into a hole in a tree. I then saw everything from the boxes view and replied I made a few adjustments of my own, and the box got all spikey and destroyed some kind of spider web box that my mind told me Tio George had planted to destroy the house I had just been in.


I was a short red haired lady wearing casual clothing in a bank. A crime lord wanted me to take care of his suit for money while he transferred enough money to survive what he thought was the end of the world. I kind of stumbled around and I also found a baby left by itself, and when the commotion started I picked it up. I then took an elevator, and while everyone else’s wasn’t working as well, the crime lord gave me a super elevator, and I walked straight out the door and threw an imaginary football on the ground as I walked out. I was then walking with the man who had given me the job to the crime lord, he had the suit, and I had the baby (at night). All of a sudden, an entire block of light goes out, and everything slows down, and the man panics and changes direction and I follow him, but all the lights nearby start to go out. The man then turns to me and says I’m out of here, slipping into one of those sewer grate things. I turn around a corner and keep walking like everything is normal, and an emergency response team is there, in which I remember from somewhere that they were complaining about Batman taking off the power to catch people cause they needed it. Batman stopped me about 100 feet later, but he didn’t grab me, we simply started talking. And that’s where the dream ended.


There was this one time in which I was boxing a flower, and the flower was winning. It was seriously a muscular flower, though.


I was sent to a moon space station in a rehabilitation program, but everything looked like a gym. I can’t remember this dream anymore, past the bad man was being controlled by someone else. In the end he dies and his last words were no more bubbles as he fades into ashes.


I was in a library, but it was for a killing game, and they sent us out of a neutral zone where we could train, learn and cash in our points, but I wasn’t listening. I grabbed a bow and headed out into the killing zone. I walked on one of the upper floors, looking for enemies. On the first floor, I saw three people battling melee. I took out my bow and tried shooting, but it was far away and I was an awful shot, but I eventually got all of them. I then looked up and saw two people and quickly took cover, but saw it was some friends of mine. I stayed behind the cover and watched as they walked and talked about how I hadn’t joined their group, but maybe it was for the best. They then walked by a safe, where a giant explosion happened. Two girls (twins, and I know them from school) came out wearing owl masks, and talking about how the TNT had been meant for me, and mused where I had gone. I then sprang out of cover and shot both of them, and went over to aid my friends. They were too badly burned to be saved, and I had to mercy kill them.


I was walking around a sort of school and after five minutes of this met a random lady, who said to follow her because she needed my help. She brought me to a giant green field with a huge tower in the center, but there were floating worm things everywhere. She warned me that the worms had no sight, and were reliant on hearing and smell, so don’t move when they come nearby. If they bite you become paralyzed for life. We made it about a quarter of a way when some came by and we lied down in the grass, waiting for them to pass. One flew straight over me and whispered I see you and reared up towards me.


A kind of pine tree monster climbed up me and if it got to my head, something bad would happen. It was about a foot long and did reach my head.


The second time it appeared I kicked it into a wall. (And I kicked a wall in real life too)


I was handcuffed with a lady in a desert and it was beautiful, with a mountain here or there. I was happy, and we walked along that trail until the dream was over.


There was lots of green and stone pillars making a path, which I followed. I saw a man playing golf and knew not to disturb him. But I looked to my left and my sister and my father were yelling and screaming at him, so he turned around and made a motion towards us. Wolves jumped out from behind the rocks, and my sister and father disappeared. A wolf bit my arm, but it didn’t hurt because I had gloves on. So I kept him there. Another bit my other arm and started to hang there as well. Then a dog bit my fist, and I tried to dislodge him but ended up punching a wall instead and waking up.


My memory of this dream is fuzzy, so don’t judge. There was bridge to get out, but you couldn’t take it because it was guarded, so you had to jump into the water under the bridge to get out of the city. We had to play some sort of jumping game on a windy bridge, and there was a lady there. We went into the water under the bridge, ran through a lot of rich people’s houses, and overthrew an evil government.


We were driving on a highway, and I was in the back hugging a pillow and a blanket, and the left door was open at about eighty miles per hour. Then some cops drove by, and gave me this look, so I closed the door. Our driver started to talk about safety when we got under a bridge but the car in front of us took a sharp right.  A bunch of people got out of their cars, and their was a lot of praying and stuff like that waiting for the officials to come and gather up the bodies.


There were some kind of passive zombies everywhere, but the majority but not all were covered in some kind of bubble casing. I was in a group of about 4 or 5, and we were following the mystical creature. One of my group members wondered why the creature didn’t bubble all of them. I saw one of the ones not bubbled talking to himself about how he was at his own funeral, and there was cheesecake and everything. One of my group said cheesecake, nice. There was a small kid traveling with us, and he was slightly turned. He had an aside by himself where he wanted to embrace this and infect us all, but a fully developed zombie came and bit him and fully transformed him. He then got really mad at the other zombie. There was an alternate ending where he wasn’t bitten and the boy jumped on my back and bit my neck.


There were sand dunes everywhere and a girl I knew shot an arrow at me, but I caught it. I thought it was the funniest thing ever, and started cracking up with an arrow in my hand, and she simply smiled and left.


I was playing like a mini game on a field of multiple bowling lanes, throwing normal balls into holes on the other side. You could get closer, but there were these semihuman things on the field that you didn’t want to touch. My sister was there playing a game on just the wii u gamepad, and she was mad for some reason. I went onto the field at one point and then instead of one semihuman pure lane, there were two and they started changing paths, and I spent the rest of my dream dodging them.


I was running over walls with some sort of cable equipment. I was going really fast too, because there was a man behind me, who meant to do me harm, I guess. I snuck past a man because I wasn’t supposed to be on the roof or something. I eventually reached a large set of doors and opened it. I found a lot of dead people with weapons and my friend with just a rifle (don’t know what he looked like). The man following me started coming up the stairs, and my friend shot at him, but he disappeared, reappeared to the left and kept walking up the stairs. I picked up a sword and order my friend to shoot again, so he did, and the man dodged but I stuck a sword straight in his chest. I then pushed his body down the stairs. I went back up and grabbed a pistol from one of the dead men. My friend asked me what I was doing, and I replied just making sure as I shot the man who had been following me in the face.


I was a kid who had to protect a girl at a soccer facility. The girl had been there and I was forced to work with some other guys in soccer, in which I ran 3 laps. I started late, and I started goofing around and started army crawling around the tree, in which the coach yelled at me. I then went and got my cleats and shin guards. I came back to check on the girl but she had apparently left, but then she came back after she had visited and island with her family, because she felt bad about ditching me. I then went back to my house, where it was really cramped (had to enter rooms feet first). I then remembered my dad, who I used to play mini games, and at one point tried to commit suicide, but I fought so he wouldn’t.


I kept getting kicked off an island, but there was no where else to go to, so I swam back. The only conversation I had was with a sassy female black person fish and her kids. She kept repeating something about maybe being more passive? And near the end of the dream a couple of the children started screaming original content.


Dad was driving and he was doing a really awful job, going across the opposite lane and hitting other cars, and we got wrecked at one point, but we made it to our destination. I needed a magic cow for something, so I asked two ladies where he was. The magic cow then came out and said that he would give his sister and aunt’s salary that would support me for 4 months or his own salary which would support me for 6 months.


I was at marching band and watching our competition, but on the field and I could walk around. There was an invisible wall, and I wondered if I could touch anything.


I was with a buff old man and a lady about my age, and we were driving in a Camaro (mustang?). We drove to a tavern on the side of a mountain and started to work there. Eventually the people got mad at us for some reason. We then left and set the tavern on fire and drove off.


I was hanging out with family and friends when I saw the sunset. One of my friends suggested we climb up a hill, so we did. He wanted to see his grandma who was nice and would make food for us. We got there and we ate and drank a little, then found we couldn’t move. The old lady laughed and said she hated people with ideals like that (she wanted to starve us). After monologuing for a bit, I got mad and managed to grab her. The spell wore off and she said she knew few people who could do that.


There were some elves and people I hung out with and I enjoyed talking with them. They asked if I could stay and I said of course, because I had nowhere else to go. I then had a flashback to when I lived with a rich family, which was very boring. The fire was on and our family pet (like a flying lizard) made the fire hotter and larger and the house caught on fire. I then ran outside, where I saw my rich family go insane and get into a giant shoot out with the ambulance. I then woke up later where a multiple amount of elves harassed me because that and a bit of magic is the only way to change someone into an elf. After a bit of this, my ears grew pointy and I found I could speak telepathy with the rest of the elves. I talked with them for the rest of the dream.


I was on a school campus and I needed to meet up with one of my friends at a café on campus. A friend I was with went with me to a stand where they were selling chocolate and a blonde girl who we knew gave us two. We then proceeded to eat it next to the giant vat of chocolate, but the vat of chocolate sucked us in and we both got covered in chocolate. We then realized we were going to be late and sprinted to the café, and got yelled at three times by a redhead that there was no running on campus, and then simply acknowledged we weren’t listening. I then woke up inside my dream and realized my heart was pounding, and actively tried to slow it back down.



I was hanging out with two of my guy friends near a road with a bike. One of our friends was trying to do a car mission he was having problems with, and drove a Camaro over to a Bugatti. He got in the car just as a swat vehicle rolled by so we all ran away and I took the bike because I was the slowest. Then somehow I ran into a bus and the bike got run over. But the bike didn’t get crushed, the tires simply deflated. I walked over to some cops and asked them if they knew where an air pump was. They asked me where a girl was whom I knew had committed some crimes and I knew where she was, but I said I had no idea. Another guy came over and shot something with air at the ground and asked where an air pump is. The cop then said you can’t do that here and they all started chuckling. They then pointed to a beach that connected to a forest for some reason.


I stole a 3ds from someone, but then I felt bad so I gave it back.


I could see a lot of invisible people attacking my friends so I beat up the invisible people.



I was in the car with mom and she was driving while there was fog and it was raining. She called me uneducated, and I asked if she was calling me stupid, which she denied and I got really mad because she was totally calling me stupid. So she said I had to prove myself with improve. She went inside and talked with man, and I heard how there would have been another but he brought his own ticket. I looked at the lock outside the door, which was 3 separate pieces that made an easy 3d puzzle. I stood outside for a bit, then something happened and I went inside because it was the right moment. The man then hugged me and cried about how things were so hard sometimes. I looked over and my dad was finishing up a preview where it read “Will the fool, I mean lost, every find again what he is looking for?” with the man on the screen in black and white. The man then said I love you and I whispered under my breath I love you too bb. I then felt that was really lame and woke up.



I was in a zombie apocalypse and I was thirsty, so I went to a vending machine. I paid a single dollar and got a drink from the vending machine. I then remembered that I was in a zombie apocalypse and no one would care if I took another drink from the shattered glass without paying. I took one and an alarm went off, and so my friends and I got ready for a zombie horde to arrive.



I was in a race and I was clearly going to win when another car came out of nowhere and decimated mine, allowing another racer to win. I went to talk with the winners because I knew they had cheated, but they just laughed at me. I got really mad and they said I should pay more attention (the car for the race had been a friend’s). I ran after the car, but I lost it in a crowd of cars. I ran back with a cane, furious, and saw an old man I knew and deeply respected. But I was mad and told him to shut up when he tried to talk to me. He then talked calmly and started to eat a baguette. I yelled at him to fight me, and he calmly accepter. He then proceeded to halfheartedly stab at me with his cane, and I grabbed it. He asked what next, and I stabbed around him and he grabbed my cane. He forgave me and we went to a movie theater, where he talked about how the brick wall George Washington was punished for wearing too many tresses on his hat. He asked what I would do after this, and I replied go back to school. School was no longer mandatory because everyone fought in the streets. My return attracted some attention, as I was known as the “Sidney Striker” who moves fast and delivers hard blows if they connect. Also half the school had badly dyed white hair because of TV or something. Class was no longer class, it was a series of sparring sessions. I put on the sparring gear.



All I remember is the last part of the dream, in which I cross a river with two other people on an endless beach running away from a giant Spanish band playing fast paced music and throwing bottles at us.



I was redoing something I had done before, so I kind of knew what was going to happen. I was with my partner (black guy) and we both entered and I made sure the door stay unlocked. A man was there, and said he had been waiting for us. My partner then got shot in the leg and I had both my legs shot and I fell down. I aimed my gun at the man, and tried firing, but my arm was viciously jerked right and I hit my partner where I had been aiming at on the man. My partner then completely fell down, and I couldn’t let him suffer as he reached out to me (I had shot half of his face off) so I killed him. I then placed the gun to my own head because I would just bleed out anyway. I looked back at the door because I heard movement and a team came in and assured me everything was gonna be alright as I started to black out. Did I make the right choice or should I have waited for my partner too?



My dad took me to a soccer field filled with shallow water and a bunch of people doing tae kwon doe practice. We then went swimming with a bunch of other people and some sharks ate a couple of them after they jumped out of the water. I eventually got to the other side of the field and back, and the dream finished on the tae Kwan do guy yelling at his students and shocking them by calling them ass holes.


I was walking along a rock covered, narrow path with my dad in order to get to a bookstore. I ate a cookie on the way there, and I almost fell off trying to catch up to my dad on a turn. We eventually got to the bookstore, and entered through a back exit you had to crawl to get into. We then saw the lady owner of the store (wearing glasses) leave through some revolving doors.


I was in the basement of my house next to a big tv, which was turned up very loud. I overheard two brothers in another room who had entered the house talking. The younger one wanted to stay for the night, the older one said they had to keep on moving, and then went to search for supplies.

Catcher In the Rye Paper


Catcher in the Rye Mentors

            All throughout famous movies and books, there are abundance of mentors such as Alfred in Batman and Uncle Iroh in Avatar: The Last Air Bender. The mentors are generally old, give the hero or main character advice, then the main character sets out into the world to go evolve and learn without the help of the mentor. The mentors in the Catcher in the Rye are similar to others in famous works of literature. Holden is a bitter character throughout most of this book, yet rarely shows it to others. In the Catcher in The Rye, J.D. Salinger uses a mentor archetype in Mr. Spencer, Carl Luce, and Mr. Antolini to supply Holden with advice in an attempt to save him from self-alienation and bitterness.

In the beginning of the book, Holden goes to say goodbye to Mr. Spencer before he leaves, and Mr. Spencer manages to counsel him. Mr. Spencer is a teacher at Prencey Prep that sees Holden’s emotional lethargy. Initially, Mr. Spencer asks Holden why he isn’t at a game, and then throws a magazine over to his bed, but misses. It saddens Holden to see Mr. Spencer in this state. Mr. Spencer jokes that,“M’boy, if I felt any better I’d have to send for the doctor.” (Salinger 8) Mr. Spencer reads Holden’s essay and tells Holden why he failed him. He tells Holden he will only care about his future when he it is too late, and always calls him boy. Holden leaves by lying, and this actually is significant with keeping up with the mentor archetype, as they usually give advice to the main character, then the main character leaves to evolve on his own. The mentor is usually old, and this actually makes Holden feel more uncomfortable because it reminds Holden on how everyone dies at some point, which relates to Holden’s thanatophobia. Mr. Spencer tells him he is going to only pay attention once it is too late, but Holden rejects this and tries to get out as soon as possible afterwards. He also states “Life is a game, boy. Life is a game that one plays according to the rules.”(Salinger 8) This tells Holden that he needs to step up his game or he’ll end up stuck on the losing side of life every time. Holden even says that the game isn’t fair if you aren’t where the hotshots are. Mr. Spencer gave Holden someone to say goodbye to, but he did not leave a lasting effect on Holden’s everyday perception of life. Holden may have been one bitter character, but Mr. Spencer sends Holden out into the world with a bit more sense in his head than he did before.

In the vicinity of the middle of the book, Holden goes and has a drink with Carl Luce. Carl is his student advisor, who is direct with him and tells Holden he needs to be psychoanalyzed. Carl says he is dumping a girl after having sex with her, and Holden states that this is wrong. Holden thinks about how intellectuals want people to leave once they are done talking. This conversation is mostly highlighting the fact to the readers that Holden is really immature to everyone else around him. Carl says Holden should get psychoanalyzed, and this points to one of the ways Holden may have ended up in a mental hospital at the end of the book. Carl is trying to Holden to stop being immature, saying he needs to get on with his life and become a more mature person. Holden takes this advice with a grain of salt, and Carl leaves Holden on this note. This also shows how Holden is a virgin and refuses to lose his virginity because the girls keep saying stop. Holden actually kind of looks up to Carl in the way that he can do something that Holden can never face up to do. “He lost his virginity when he was only fourteen, in Nantucket. He really did.” (Salinger 145) Holden is protecting these girls, and people like Carl show Holden that while it may seem wrong to him, this is everyday life for people like Carl. This encounter with Carl tells Holden he needs to grow up and get on with his life.

Near the end of the book, Holden goes and sees Mr. Antolini, who gives some of the best advice out of all three. Mr. Antolini is drinking highballs and keeps trying to give Holden advice, and makes sure Holden is listening all throughout the conversation. He tells him only the immature die as martyrs, and Holden will have a special kind of fall. After this, Holden falls asleep, and Mr. Antolini pats him on the head, and Holden freaks out, thinks he is being molested, and leaves. Mr. Antolini is probably the best mentor to Holden throughout the book. He is kind of a fatherly figure to Holden, Holden has respect for him for picking up a dead child and thinking D.B. should have kept writing also. “I have a feeling that you’re riding in for some kind of a terrible, terrible fall.”(Salinger 186) Holden is told that he will have a special kind of fall, and this eluding that if Holden does not change, he will end up splattered all over the sidewalk. Mr. Antolini advises him that if Holden doesn’t change soon, he’ll be unproductive in life. He also tells him that only the immature die as martyrs for a cause, while mature people live humbly. At the end of Holden’s stay however, Mr. Antolini pats Holden on the head, and Holden interprets Mr. Antolini as a pedophile and leaves. This is probably not the case and Holden was overreacting, but this shows that after all his other childhood scarring memories, he probably was molested at some point as well. This shows another way in which Holden has been mentally scarred at one point or another. A short while after, Holden calms down and thinks this encounter thoroughly, and decides Mr. Antolini probably isn’t a pedophile and will probably take his advice seriously. This is a great moment for Holden, as he gets closer to reaching and moment of clarity in which he overcomes all his past fears and memories.

In the Catcher in The Rye, J.D. Salinger uses a mentor archetype in Mr. Spencer, Carl Luce, and Mr. Antolini to advise Holden in effort to save him from self-alienation and bitterness. Holden is told that he really needs to get help by all of the mentors that he will have problems if he does not change something in his life and soon, and so Holden may eventually seek assistance. The most assistance we see Holden get is Phoebe’s innocence, but past that anything could have happened to Holden. Holden was affected by these mentors, and did feel their affect when he moved throughout the story, if not directly correlating his actions with their advice. This is shown later such as when the doctors at the mental hospital told him he needed to stop smoking, and that kept him perfectly healthy. Holden may have been a bitter character and only exited slightly better than he came in, but the mentor archetypes throughout this novel helped him evolve and perhaps change for the better after he leaves out of the sight of the book.


Scumble is a book by Ingrid Law, written about a family with superpowers. This is the aftermath of Savyy, and these relatives are spoken about in Savvy, but were not old enough to be active characters in the last book. The thing about their family is when someone in their family turns 13, they get some special power, usually related to their true selves. The main character is a boy who has been running all his life, and hopes to be able to run amazingly fast when he gets his power. On the day though, he runs normally, but the stopwatch breaks. It seems his power is to break things. They go down to an old farm where they will be away from the rest of society and can train his powers. He almost breaks the car, but does break someone’s motorcycle. They get there, but they meet a boy from the last book with electric related powers, who is about 21 or so and is still there. The main character is stolen from a girl reporter, and he falls in love with her over the course of the book. The electric boy hurt a girl he loved and still can’t get over it. This book is about how they kind of rehabilitate over their problems through out the course of the book, and I highly recommend it.

Super suspenseful paragraph

They are coming for me. There is no stopping them. You cannot fight them. You can only run. They are IT. I ran faster for my life while the its were on my tail. I jumped over a bush. They jumped over a bush. I ran inside my house and locked the door. The ones that were it then said “Hey! That’s cheating!” I then unlocked the door, opened it and said ,”Well, you’re faster than me. That’s unfair.”

The Legend of Daedlus

I am going to tell you about a story I have heard of. It is called something like the legend of Daedlus. Daedlus was a mighty king and there was a (I don’t remember, but let’s call him a bard, shall we?). The bard pretty much just lives there because he flatters the king, and one day, he says any man will be lucky to sit in the king’s chair for a day. The king hears this and says you may sit in my throne for a day. So the bard sat in the chair, watching servants and other matters at hand. He then looks up and sees a sword, hanging by a single thread. The bard then begs the king to let him leave, and he does. The sword is now referred to as the sword of daedlus. This shows that having a position of power has it’s risks.

Quote of the Day

We love animals, but we also love hamburgers!-My Dad

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind-Mohandas Gandhi (And a tooth for a tooth leaves the whole world with dentures)

Cat fights scratch, dog fights kill, and iguana fights, well, I’m not really sure what iguana fights do.-Spencer

A penny saved is a penny earned- Ben Franklin (And a penny robbed means you probably lost that penny)

Meow-My cat (Translation: Pet me or I will bug you until you do)

KABLAMO!- A stick of dynamite (May he rest in peace)

Work before you play-Mom (Cause we all love working, now don’t we?)

How do you like them apples?-Unknown (Or pears, apricots, watermelons, bananas, plums, peaches, ….)

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth-Hammurabi (Or, a sandwich for a sandwich)

I have a dream, that one day, my four little children will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character- Dr. Martin Luther King (Probably now, also the TV shows they watch and their scores in video games)

What would happen if a superhero DID take over the world? Answer: He probably would get really bored.-Me

THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE!-Ms. Valencourt (Now wasn’t that friendly?)

Save yourself, you’ll save god some trouble-me

Heavier than air flying machines are impossible. – Lord Kelvin, president, Royal Society, 1895.

Cameron, do you need a flash drive?-Robby

I have seen the coming of the dawn
Unconcernedly watching the passing of the day
Whiled away my hours in joyful play-
I live to simply sing the song of love
And play the music of my heart-
Dancing and playing in the light,
I am filled with passion and delight.
My voice is free.
It rises and floats away from me-
I am unable to escape these walls.
My body will not float like my song’s plaintive calls.
Only in my mind I float free as my song
And I fly to a home where I belong.
There, those who know my heart well
Sing, sing, sing with my song’s spell-
They snatched my voice,
Held me against my choice.
I forget all that was mine
Yet I reach to dream it one last time.
I struggle to the last
But my light is fading fast.
A lone warrior waging a brutal fight
Against an endless night.
I fight for escape even if the notes of this song
Are the only part of me to leave.
I rise up out of here,
Reaching for the things I hold dear.
I will not stay silent,
I shall not remain still.
I sing, I sing to the end.-Sebastian



Orson Scott Card

662 pages

     This book is about a kid named Rigg where you are placed in the forest with little intermissions of someone elses life. There was a man who was landing a ship on a planet called Garden in which they would colonize with humans. Rigg can see paths of people who passed and what type of animal they are, except for his father. In the effort to save his friends brother, he sees someone else who grabs onto him and he saves him instead of his friend’s brother. The townspeople are mad and throw him out with his friend whose brother he failed to save. It seems he can see people from the past, and friend can travel in the past, and they change time.

     It was a good book, but I hate that he and Lois Lowry both have one thing in common. They don’t finish their stories. I can already think of an ending without it making me. Anyway, it was a good book, but kind of confusing. But reading about time travel is really confusing because every single time traveler gets different rules. He gets away from the bad guys and his crazy mom, and finds out who he really is.

I would reccomend this book because there are crazy people

There is laughing at how time was changed

You learn from the characters constantly bickering